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        Newfoundland T'Railways Home
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        Newfoundland T'Railway Council

        The Newfoundland T'Railway Council is a non-profit corporation dedited to the development of a recreational trail from St. John's to Port aux Basques using the former nadian National railway line. Its mandate is to promote multi-use trail development and to preserve abandoned railway lines for future use such as hiking, biking, equestrian, snowmobile, ATV and cross-country ski trails. Other uses like dog sledding and snowshoeing may be appropriate in certain regions. Known as the Newfoundland T'Railway Provincial Park, the rail bed route extends for 883 km (548 miles) linking urban, rural and wilderness areas. The park forms the Newfoundland section of the Trans nada Trail stretching from St. John's, NL to Victoria, BC and to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. When complete, the Trans nada Trail will extend for more than 22,000 km, making it the longest continuous trail in the world.